“Let us live in such a way that people will have ample reason to speak well of us.” – Don Bosco
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Gift of Inheritance/Will


Remembering Don Bosco Mission Office in your will is a special act of generosity.  Our donors’ generosity at their time of death has helped our Salesian Missions to persevere and bring aid to young people who are less fortunate. 


A loyal donor for over 20 years passed away on April, 14, 2012 and gave us a gift of $50,000.00 CAD in her will.  She requested the celebration of 5000 Holy Masses for her soul and that of her deceased family members.  Currently, Masses in her honour and for her family are being celebrated by our Salesian missionaries in Guatemala, Poland, China, Liberville-Gabon, Sri Lanka, Jerusalem, Cambodia, El Salvdor, Republic of Senegal, India and much more.  At the same time, her bequest money is supporting our Salesian missionaries’ charitable works with the young people.  With her help we have provided, new catechism materials, supported the studies of seminarians, purchased recreational materials for the children to play freely, helped medicate patients with Hansen disease and much more.


Similarly, another devoted donor for over 20 years who passed away in 2012 gave us a gift of a little over $85,000.00 CAD in her will to benefit the works of Father Edwin D'Souza, SDB in Mumbai, India.  The donor requested in her will that these funds will be used for the sponshorship of Salesian priests in India.


The gift of your inheritance will help our Salesian missionaries to keep changing lives to save lives of the young poeple in our care.


"Eternal rest, grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. 

May they rest in peace. Amen"



Leave a Legacy™

Leave a LegacyTM is a national public awareness program that encourages Canadians from all walks of life to make gifts through a will, life insurances or other gift-planning instrument to the charitable organization of your choice, the Don Bosco Mission Office in Canada.  Visit their website for more details for financial or estate planning.

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