“Let us live in such a way that people will have ample reason to speak well of us.” – Don Bosco
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Telling the story of Jesus Christ to all the people we encounter and serve. In the words of Father Vaclav Klement, SDB Councillor for the missions, “we salute the Salesians missionaries engaged in the front line in telling the story of the Risen Jesus among young people of different cultures and religions in all the continents. We are convinced that their witness is the best image of Don Bosco today.” Don Bosco offered his whole life for the young people. He took no step, he said no word, and he took up no tasks that did not direct to the saving of the young.

Answering His Call  written by: Maria Arpino Lee


In many subtle ways, Don Bosco has been a loving and guiding presence in my life. One day, I heard Him whisper about God’s many missions, throughout the world. After giving it some serious thought, my husband and I joined VIDES Canada. We were sent to Madagascar where I taught and wrote didactic material; while my husband worked on computers. 



Accepting the call to volunteer changed us immensely; the experience added a dimension to our lives, we never imagined possible.


We have returned to Madagascar twice, since our first visit, but it is our first impressions which remain the most vivid. Initially, the strong Salesians presence on the Red Island surprised us. We learned that the SDB arrived in 1981; they now run nine schools and many parishes. Whereas, the FMA came in 1986; they now operate seven schools and technical centres. (Click read more for the complete article.)


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